Queen Elizabeth II Says…

The Queen

Our Queen

It is beyond a doubt that there is a powerful underlying order to our cosmos, and that the nature of this order is steeped in hierarchies both obvious and subtle. The genteel will discern not only the brutish, but the delicate as well, and in the interplay between these extremes one must acknowledge certain relationships. Just as it is the purpose of the lowly to toil in support of their betters, to eke out a bestial survival in the muck and ooze, so too are those on high called to contribute in their kind. The Lawn Party’s natural purpose is the definition and exemplification of excellence and refinement, and what a joy it is to know one’s place and so aptly answer its call. This website is for your appreciation, visitor, our contribution to the great chain of being that binds us all together, that you may aspire not beyond your station, but to the best fulfillment of your common but worthy place.

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